9 a.m.-noon Thursday | $35

Advisers Workshop
Presented by the College Media Association. Advising collegiate media is a unique niche. Your colleagues are at other institutions spread across the country, rather than down the hall from your office. Meet your colleagues in college media at this pre-con geared toward all advisers. We’ll discuss the role of the adviser, and the joys and challenges that come with it, including budgets and advertising revenue, educating colleagues and creating advocates, and connecting with resources. This is a collaborative discussion for new and old advisers alike, so come armed with your questions and your advice! You’ll walk away with a greater knowledge of how to advise collegiate media and a renewed passion for the role, and hopefully a few new friends who are fellow college media advisers.
Allison Bennett Dyche, Virginia Commonwealth University and CMA
Charlie Weaver, University of Minnesota and CMBAM

Art Direction and Conceptual Thinking
Love those amazing cover images for the NYT magazine, Wired, Rolling Stone and Time? This hands-on workshop will help you to become a strong art director. You’ll develop skills with visual metaphor, wordsmithing and conceptual thinking. You’ll learn tools for brainstorming, collaborating, innovating and creating a marriage of words, illustration and photography across platforms — everything you need to inspire award-winning storytelling.
Sara Quinn, Kansas State University

Creativity Boot Camp
We typically think of creativity as an external force that we don’t control or an artistic talent that we don’t have. The reality is that creativity is a procedural, programmable characteristic of problem solving. It is a habit, and as such, creativity can be trained. We can improve creatively. The instructors will not only show you what makes us all creative and what simple changes in our creative lives can have the greatest effect, they will run you through a series of creativity exercises that prove a few small steps will have you generating ideas in greater quantity and quality.
Kevin Fullerton, Springboard Creative
Linda Puntney, Kansas State University

How to Marry Words and Visuals for Great Storytelling
Strong projects start with great research and even better planning. This pre-convention workshop features a recent NPPA Photojournalist of the Year and multiple Edward Murrow award winner Steve Rhodes of WTHR-Indianapolis. Former award-winning newspaper reporter and Ball State Daily adviser Lisa Renze-Rhodes leads the discussion on how research and project planning are keys to great storytelling. Learn the tools to make visual and verbal work together and take your stories to the next level.
Steve Rhodes, WTHR-Indianapolis
Lisa Renze-Rhodes, Ball State University

Managing the 21st Century Newsroom
It’s not enough anymore to just worry about your section editors working with their reporters and photojournalists to produce solid content in your newspaper and online. It’s still that, but now you have to lead a newsroom that provides news to its community in so many different ways — print, online, Facebook and Facebook Live shows, Instagram, Snapchat, all of which you’re Tweeting out to get those eyes on all your prizes. Then you’re engaging your community in partnerships and public forums on issues that are pertinent to your campus. And you’re doing all that with smaller budgets in a time where you’re accused of providing fake news to the public. And you wouldn’t miss it for the world, because it’s the only place you want to be. Let’s sort all this out and provide you with a compass to guide your newsroom in the next year.
Kenna Griffin, Oklahoma City University
Mark Witherspoon, Iowa State Daily

The New Student Media Model
College media students and advisers are now constantly tasked with managing an ever-changing media landscape in order to serve their audience. Join us Thursday to identify the goals, resources and strategies you need to continue to evolve your respective organizations into relevant, innovative, multi-faceted media organizations that will continue to be relevant well into the future.
Paul Bittick, California Polytechnic State University
Chuck Clark, Western Kentucky University
Elizabeth Smith, Pepperdine University

Recruiting, Hiring, Training and Retaining the Best (Business)
Your student media is only as strong as those behind it. The key to building a strong team is to have a solid program in place from start to finish. Join our instructors for a morning of interactive programming to learn how to recruit, hire and train the best of the best, in turn, retaining a successful team to take your student media group further.
Tami Bongiorni, Kent State University
Jon Schlitt, University of Michigan

The Science of Selling … Made Easy!
The fastest three hours in sales training ever! This program will set the stage for you to excel in sales your entire career. Learning about various styles will help to identify the preferred communication methods of those you are selling. Understanding others’ communication patterns will enhance your personal and professional lives. This is a very entertaining and informative session. In addition to the industry’s best personality-based programs, this course also delivers a robust development program. This session goes beyond the customer relationship and concentrates on advanced selling techniques that will raise the bar immediately on your selling, communication, and marketing skills.
Gary Moore, Insight Edge